Hey there, I'm Ariana!

You can also call me Air. Fun fact: every single person who knows me personally calls me Air, so much so that when I got a "real" job, I had to re-learn reacting to the name Ariana!

I do all the things: I am a wedding planner at the beautiful Hacienda Sarria, I lead the Tri-Cities chapter of the Rising Tide Society's #TuesdaysTogether, I am a TLC volunteer at the KW Humane Society, AND I get to spend the rest of my time making beautiful stationery and signage for you! I started this business after making the invitations and signage for my own wedding, and had so much fun that I wanted to do it for other people too.

More about me:

  • I have been married to my high school sweetheart since the summer of 2016, and we have been together since we were 14. He is sweet, so funny, and a kick-ass realtor! (Ethan Smith at Royal Lepage Crown Realty, shameless plug for my hubby!)

  • Together we have a little kitty named Ella who is my everything. She is a puppy in cat form (she greets us at the door and loves to fetch), and she is a real life Disney animal. Those eyes! 

  • I went to school for Travel & Tourism, and aside from the people in my life, it is my biggest passion. My husband and I just spent two full months road-tripping all the way across Europe!

  • Another major passion of mine is coffee. When I started working at Starbucks in 2011, I absolutely hated coffee. Fast forward to today, and I am obsessed. I just finished two training courses at Pilot Coffee Roasters, am apprenticing under Hacienda's in-house coffee roaster, am obsessed with creating the perfect cappuccino micro-foam, and my career actually seems to be heading towards coffee!

  • My enneagram type is 2w3, which is so accurate it hurts. My Myers-Briggs is ENFP (hollaaa my fellow campaigners!), my zodiac is Taurus, and I'm a total ambivert. I couldn't embody these more if I tried!

  • My ideal day is spent in the ocean or around a fire pit with all my friends and family around me and a Batch 1904 cider in my hand! 


My favs:

Place: Locally, anywhere on the Georgian Bay or Cape Cod. Internationally, either Santorini or Switzerland.

Book: Anything by Emily Giffin, Lisa Jackson, or Nicholas Sparks.

Movie: I am obsessed with movies, so this is a hard one! The Step Up series, Fast & Furious series, Mamma Mia 1 & 2, and anything with Jason Statham, Gerard Butler or Ryan Reynolds.

Hobby: Cooking and baking! I could spend all day finding and making new Pinterest recipes. 

Beverage: If we're talking alcohol, a good, dry cider is where it's at. I love the Queen St Batch 1904 cider! I also love a rye & ginger with lime, and a good sangria.

Food: Basically anything that's bad for you! Any kind of pasta, brie & baguette, enchiladas, mac and cheese, chicken parm.. and potatoes are definitely my favourite food group. 

Music: Metal! No way, me?! I was the biggest scene kid in high school, and while the hair, makeup, and clothes didn't end up being "who I am, Mom", I never outgrew my love for metal music. 

Season: Definitely summer. I am always cold, so I would way rather be too hot than too cold! I love to soak up all the sun I can.